If this is your first time hiring a private investigator, you probably have questions and may even be a little apprehensive. We understand and will do everything possible to earn your trust. Our goal for you is not a specific outcome, but simply to learn the TRUTH. We back it up with solid evidence, timely reporting and most of all, the understanding that our clients are not just case numbers. They are REAL human beings with REAL problems to resolve. Every Walton Investigations detective has extensive training. Some have backgrounds in police work while others are trained in psychology, accounting, electronics and IT fields. For nearly 18 years our approach has obtained the truth for hundreds of clients.

Our detectives and case managers will NEVER try to “sell” you an investigation. We’ll listen to the facts and make recommendations but the decision rests with you. We offer referrals to attorneys and other professionals at no charge should you need them.

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What Is a Private Investigator?

In reality, the modern PI is a research professional. You need information and we know how to legally and ethically obtain it for you. We can’t guarantee the result will always be the one you want, but it WILL be the TRUTH.
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What Is a Security Officer?

Security officers are much more than just night watchmen. The entire Watergate scandal was set in motion by a 24 year old security officer. Its true! Our security procedures are focused on prevention as opposed to apprehension. Police officers investigate and apprehend. Security officers deter and prevent. In other words good police work catches the bad guy. Good security work makes him rethink committing the crime in the first place!

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New Armed and Unarmed security officer training dates are online soon!

Parking tight? Space limited? We now offer parking control services! No cost to you!

NOW HIRING!! We need security officers statewide in North Carolina ASAP!