Security Services

Walton Investigations offers a variety of security guard and patrol services. Our officers are trained in excess of state guidelines. Call us for

  • Armored Car
  • Courier
  • Long and short term contracts
  • Residential patrol (subscription based
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Armed and Unarmed Officers

Residential Services

We see ads everyday for various alarm systems and services. Technology has made us much safer than we used to be, but there are several things to remember.

  • 1 Alarm systems are MECHANICAL DEVICES. Like all such devices, they can and do fail for various reasons. Humans are imperfect and as such, any devices we create will be imperfect on some level. Even the most sophisticated alarms have weak points. Weather and electrical issues are the usual culprits. What about redundant systems? Most alarms systems use cellular to connect to dispatch services. Sometimes a land line is used with cellular as a backup. We all know that land lines can be defeated by simply cutting the line, but did you also know that cell phone jammers are commonly available? When deployed, they will disrupt cellular signals in the immediate area. Yes, they are illegal, but if someone is intent on breaking into your house, this will probably not be their primary concern. Video systems can record events, but even the average criminal knows that a mask will hide their face or a baseball cap with battery powered LED lights will blind the cameras.
  • 2 Alarm systems are designed to ALERT to a problem, not FIX it. Alarms can advise you that a burglar is present, but they can’t STOP them. The exceptions would be for fire alarms which can be set to activate fire control systems, provided that there is no interruption of electrical or cellular feeds that activate the systems.
  • 3 When the alarm system works as intended, A dispatch center is alerted. Authorities will be dispatched, but even in the best cases, response times average 20 minutes or more. A good burglar can be in and out in 10 minutes MAXIMUM. Someone intending harm can certainly complete their objective in that amount of time.

If the above were not true then why would we need armed guards at Fort Knox? The Louvre?, Area 51? If these alarm systems which are without a doubt the best in the world, were infallible, then why would human guards even be necessary?

Because EVERY alarm that is triggered needs a human response at some level to act as the CORRECTIVE instrument.

Walton Investigations offers two types of residential services

Residential patrol services. These types of patrols offer several advantages to traditional response. This service works with your alarm service provider. Any problems will trigger dispatchers to alert the security officer who will already be in the area, reducing, response times dramatically. By reducing the window of opportunity, you reduce the ability of a criminal to complete their objective. Should your alarm be down, the officer will be aware and can take appropriate measures

  • 1 Response times are reduced from 20 minutes or more to less than 5 in most cases
  • 2 High visibility of the security vehicle will make it harder for a criminal to plan and carry out a crime.
  • 3 Most residential burglaries occur during the day when people are away at work or possibly on vacation. Your security officer will be aware of this. They can be advised if repairmen or other visitors are expected when you aren’t home. Your security officer will call you to verify any activity that you haven’t alerted them to. The security officer can notify police when necessary and then take appropriate measures until they arrive. A dedicated patrol vehicle and similarly dedicated telephone in that car will be assigned to your area.
  • 4 Your officer can provide vacation services such as mail pickup and collection of newspapers or any other related issue that would indicate that the house is vacant. This will include walk around inspections to search for things such as obvious storm damage or other issues. You will be alerted to any issues that are discovered.
  • 5 Are your teenagers or college kids home alone? They and you will have peace of mind knowing that your security officer is nearby. Are your teenagers throwing parties when you are away? Your kids will know that the security officer will alert you.

As police response times increase, especially in large cities, residential security patrols are increasingly being utilized. Walton Investigations is now offering this service in selected areas. This is a subscription based service designed for neighborhoods and communities utilizing pooled resources. A minimum level of participation is required in order to maintain the service. This program is not for traditional apartment communities which require a different type of service. Participants must own or lease their homes in order to participate. The program will be coordinated through your HOA or neighborhood association and takes approximately 90 days to implement. We understand that not every homeowner will choose to participate in the program. For those not participating, the officer will notify police in the event that any overtly suspicious activity is noted during the normal course of a patrol, but the officer will NOT become actively involved in anyway unless an imminent life or death situation is apparent and would trigger a moral DUTY to intervene, such as a fire in progress. Participants will receive the following:

  • 1 24/7 patrols from a MARKED vehicle with GREEN or CLEAR filter emergency lights. routes will be adjusted regularly so as to avoid predictability.
  • 2 Notification from your alarm company should the alarm be triggered for any reason.
  • 3 Immediate notification of activity such as repairmen at your residence that the officer has not been pre advised about..
  • 4 Vacation services such as door checks, outdoor visual inspections for apparent storm damage, mail and newspaper pickup. Trash cans may also be taken to the curb in the morning and removed in the evening by the officer as a part of this service.
  • 5 Alive and well checks for elderly clients and teenagers who are of suitable age to be left alone.
  • 6 Conspicuous signs placed at various points in your neighborhood advising that the program is in place. We DO NOT place signs in the yards of individual participants due to the fact that criminals would then be alerted to locations of non-participants, inadvertently making them potential targets.
  • 7 Monthly group meetings with your officer to discuss any issues or concerns (Program participants only) ID cards will be required. You may call your officer on duty at any time with individual questions or concerns.
  • 8 Time is CRITICAL so we do not use dispatchers. You may call your officer directly with any concerns. (For alarm calls your officer must still be dispatched by the alarm company.)
  • 9 Membership cards with unique ID numbers identifying you as a program member. For security You will need to provide this number when calling your officer directly.
  • 10 ALL officers will maintain current CPR certifications.

Participation is on an annual basis and must be pooled. You will be billed by your HOA or neighborhood association who will hold the contract for services with Walton Investigations, Inc. Services are not available on an individual basis. Minimum levels of participation are require in order to maintain the highest quality service. Should annual renewals not meet those numbers, the service will not be renewed.

Please remember that your security officer is NOT a Police Officer or a Fireman. Some of our officers MAY have EMT certifications, but they will always advise you to call 911 for any emergencies, even as they respond. Your security officer is trained to intervene and detain in the event that a crime is committed in their presence, or in the event of an imminent deadly threat, but objective is ALWAYS to DETER AND PREVENT rather than to investigate and apprehend. Your security officer will NOT respond to an alarm. They will respond to the dispatch call. Most alarms are silent so the officer will likely not be aware of it anyway.

Walton Investigations Security services are limited to residential services, banks and financial institutions for our clients in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We provide armed 24/7 patrols and static officers for residential and financial applications.


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