Parking Control Services

You pay the mortgage or rent on your office and that usually includes access to parking. Those spaces are for you and your clients, but there are always people willing to “poach” them. We can help.

Our Solution

What we offer is not a towing service but a “boot service”. Unauthorized vehicles parked on your property will have two wheels booted. Fees will apply to the vehicle owner for us to remove the boots. Vehicles remaining illegally parked for more than 90 minutes will be towed. Its a great system and here’s the best part: There is no cost to you for this service!

We will also provide signs and posters warning of penalties at no charge to you.

In order to protect your customers and employees we will only “boot” a vehicle upon your request. We will NOT patrol for violators.
Please call 336-908-4625 or Contact Us to find out more.


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