Civil Process Service

Most civil actions are initiated via “service of process” This is the usual method whereby all the parties involved in a civil action are officially notified that they are being sued or possibly subpoenaed as a witness. Every state has established and published rules of civil procedure. Your case cannot go forward until this notification has been completed in strict accordance with those rules. A person being sued will know this and will do everything possible to avoid service and delay the inevitable.

You could save money and use the sheriffs office to serve your summons but be prepared to wait awhile. To be fair, they have to serve criminal warrants first. Civil process is done when they have time. Usually when they have a few minutes to spare between 9 and 5. The target knows that they don’t have to open the door for a civil issue, so they don’t. After a few tries your subpoena is tossed into the rear seat where the K-9 officer sleeps on it it for a week or two. Sometime after that it gets turned back in as unserved and the process starts all over again with a new fee.

Next time call us first! Our agents are skilled at rooting out these hard to find targets. We’ll get them served in days not weeks so that your case can move forward. Call us today at 336-908-4625 to learn more or keep reading to get started.

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Our serves are GUARANTEED!!

Most process service agencies charge up to $150.00 for three to five attempts at various times. You may have to repeat this scenario several times to achieve a positive result, potentially spending $500.00 or more and delaying your case. Our service costs you NOTHING unless we are successful. Our fee is $125.00 and we only charge if we are able to complete the service.

There are a few restrictions in hard to reach areas.

We offer civil process service

North Carolina (East of Hwy 17 and West of Hwy 26)
South Carolina (Grand Strand & Surrounding Areas)
Civil service available to limited locations in Virginia

Getting Started

Please fill out and submit the request for service form. You will need to submit your documents to be served by email (if your district allows copies to be served) or by FedEX, DHL, UPS, etc. if the documents are required to be originals. Please include a return of service form. We will Send this back to you upon completion to be filed with the court. In some districts, for a nominal surcharge, we can file your returns for you.


Please provide as much accurate information as possible regarding your subject. First, middle and last name, date of birth. A photo or good description helps. Please provide the last known address if possible and place of employment.


Subjects with minimal information will be turned over to our detectives for research before being returned to the process service unit for delivery. This could potentially lengthen the process.


Please submit your service request well in advance of your court date to if by email.
4004-K Spring Garden St. Greensboro, NC 27407 if by FED EX, UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.
Service request form is here