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Classroom work 319-E South Westgate Dr. Greensboro, N.C. 27407 336-908-4625

Range Work

(ABSOLUTELY No reloaded ammunition, lasersights or modified weapons)

Train 2 Defend Indoor Range
4325 NC-49
Burlington, NC 27215 336-570-1015

Class Fees

Unarmed Class: $75.00
Armed Full class ($300.00) $175 per student plus $125.00 range fee
Armed Recertification ($200.00) $75.00 per student plus $125.00 range fee.

****Price does NOT include ammunition or weapon rental****


Please read the following information carefully before submitting or mailing your payment.


Registration and class fees are due in advance and are non refundable. Please be on time for your class. We no longer accept checks for payment of class fees. All payments for training must be submitted in advance via PayPal. This is a 20 hour course designed to ascertain skill levels/equip advanced security officer candidates in North Carolina with the skills necessary for proper performance as an armed security officer. This class is required by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board prior to ANY registration and post work as an armed officer. Students must complete the ENTIRE class to receive the required certificate. Fees are non refundable and non transferable. Class will start promptly at 0800 each day. No admittance or refunds for late arrivals or early departures. Students must complete an exam at the end of the course and achieve a passing classroom and range score of 80% (200/250)in order to receive the required certificate. Multiple attempts at qualification are NOT guaranteed due to time limts. We will accomodate additional attempts as we are able and as time allows. PLEASE PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. All classes are subject to being audio and video taped for compliance or training purposes. If that is the case then an advisory will be given prior to the start of the class.
PLEASE NOTE: All qualification weapons WILL be inspected for safety and functionality prior to starting the first day of class. Any weapons deemed to be unsafe or in poor firing condition will be disqualified.
All students MUST be familiar with the basic operation of thier respective weapon(s). Any student not demonstrating this familiarity will deemed unsafe and will be dismissed from the class until such familiarity can be demonstrated to the instructors satisfaction. You will need the following:
1) New certifications will need 300 rounds of QUALITY hollow point or full metal jacket ammunition. Recertification candidates will need 150 rounds (FMJ is less exepnsive). NO WOLF, TUL or any other steel projecticle ammunition. NO RELOADS.
2) Flashlight. Must have a top or tail switch with half-cock feature that will disengage the light if dropped. (No laser sights or flashlight mounts)
3) Cleaning kit for your weapon
4) Weapon: 9mm or higher, semi-auto ONLY. No revolvers. Your weapon must be of suitable quality such as Glock, Springfield, Kimber, S/W, etc. NO SCCY, HIGH POINT or or other poorly rated weapons will be allowed. Instructors will make the final determination as to allowable weapons.
5) At least TWO (2) magazines matched to your weapon.
6) At least 1 double magazine holster matched to your caliber weapon. YOU MAY NOT carry spare magazines in your pockets, pants or belt.
7) Duty belt: All ARMED SECURITY, ARMED ARMORED CAR, AND ARMED COURIER CANDIDATES MUST USE A DUTY BELT. Private investigators and PIA's are not required to use a duty belt but MUST use a suitable holster and belt secured double magazine pouch.
8) Quality holster suited for your respective weapon. NO SHOULDER, LEG OR ANKLE HOLSTERS. You MUST be able to draw and fire two rounds in two seconds to INCLUDE disengagement of retention and draw. Purchase your holster with this in mind.
9) Range attire (long pants, baseball cap, shirt with collar, duty style shoes, eye and ear protection. Prescription glasses ARE allowed. NO shorts, flip flops or low cut shirts.
10) Pen and paper
We do not provide ANY of the above items. Please come to class prepared. Students must have ALL of the above required gear upon arrival the first day of class.

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